Xeno-Force Core Principles

Fun, Fast and Flexible
Semi Co-operative
Scenario Driven

Fast, Fun and Flexible

Xeno-Force rules are streamline using the same mechanics repeatedly to make learning the game simple.

Designed so that there is as little consulting the rules while actually playing the game as possible; but flexible enough that characters genuinely feel different to one another and enemies pose different challenges.

Exerything in Xeno-Force is designed with a view to making it easy to resolve and fun to play.


A unique game design allows for a co-operative wargame. Enjoy beating the scenario with your friends and work with them to enjoy the narrative of the game.

Xeno-Force challenges wargamers who are not interested in competative army list creation to building an effective team with other players and discussing tactics with them in order to complete the assignment.

Throughout the game each player will earn points. If the marines successfully complete the mission the player with the most points will win the game.

Scenario Driven

Fight your way past hordes of aliens to complete your mission objectives. Co-operate with your fellow marine players to win the mission, but be the player with the most points to win the game.

The game plays somewhere between a conventional wargame and a role-play game.

Advance your Marines

Marines can be improved from mission to mission by gaining additional experience, training and equipment.

Marines specialise in different roles to make them unique on the battlefield completely changing how the game plays.

Build a squad to meet the challenges facing Xeno-Force. The interaction

between different classes makes your squad even stronger.