Xeno-Force the Wargame

Xeno-Force is a scenario driven table top sci-fi miniatures wargame with a unique co-operative play style. It has the tactical and visual elements of a wargame and the character development of a role play game.

Take on the roles of the Xeno-Force. An elite unit of super human cyborg marines dedicated to protecting humanity from any number of alien threats.

Fight your way past hordes of aliens in order to accomplish your mission objectives.

Compete with your fellow marines for the greatest honour.

Develop your characters and specialise them as they gain experience from mission to mission, or use pre-gen characters to dive into the action. Xeno-Force has a comprehensive character advancement system that will allow you to bring your marines to life.


Xeno-Force is not tied to any range of miniatures. It has been designed to be versatile so you can use any miniatures you have available.

With minimal tweaking you can adapt the detailed campaign information to your favourite sci-fi universe.

Game Features


The rulebook is available as a pdf from wargames vault. I am trying to get a POD version, but it may be some months before this is done. The book is just over 100 pages long and comes with an additional bundle of reference material, quick play sheet etc. for ease of play.




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