Operation Brillian Storm

Time to go on the offensive. Mission orders are in the Campaign book, we need to knock out the AA batteries and deal as much damage to the base before we pull out. Enemy reinforcements start thin, but once they get going they arrive thick and fast.

We start and advance across the landing field. Clearing out the enemy mob in our quarter with rifles and grenades. But we take some punishing fire from the heavy weapon teams and a couple of wounds.

The heavy weapons teams are dug in in cover. They get +1 soak for the cover and +1 soak for going to ground, for a total of 3 soak. Dislodging them will be tough. The enemy general is thinking of making his retreat about now too, so to catch him we will need to get through these guns.

The Medium Machine Gun opens up to clear a path, and as luck would have it immediately jams. Someone didn't clean their weapon properly before the battle Alex!

With rifles we manage to clear out the two gunners. At least their replacements will have to move meaning they can't full attack and won't be gone to ground either. But that second heavy gun is covering the dead ground we need to cross as it has a commanding view of the entire road.

Squaddie Shellington gets stuck in with the knife to clear out that heavy weapon position. That frees up the rest of the team to make a dash for the objectives.

A bit of good luck from us as the aliens mess up their attack.

Squaddie Shellington managed to push ahead and capture the general in a pretty big melee with his bodyguards. Squaddie Niel and his team ran off to knock out the AA batteries.

Reinforcements were arriving now from the South and West roads. Shellington took a bad shot in the legs and took two wounds. This slowed him down, but the other team members were able to cover the retreat as we bugged out to the dropship and evacuated.

We took quite a few wounds, but nobody lost a limb. Time to evac!!!

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