I'm back to developing the game now and as a bit of a taster here is the Xenotype entry "Bugs and Xenomorphs" from the campaign section of the book.

This is a taster from the book, and is one of eight different xenomorph types so no matter what models you might have you will be able to find something suitable to use as the aliens.

See the scenario and alien section for the alien sheet.

Xenotype – Bugs and Xenomorphs

Bugs are aliens that have evolved or been genetically engineered as living weapons. The Arachnids of Starship Troopers, various enemies in computer games and popular science fiction wargames would also fall into this category. This xenotype should also be used for the more traditional Xenomorph type Alien from the franchise of the same name.

Bug society is strictly hierarchical with queens directing the colony and drones doing all the work. The difference between common ants and termites and the “Bugs” of this genre is both the size of the colony members, but also the fact bugs have an overarching intelligence operating the colony. This intelligence might be delivered through pheromones, instinct or psionic control.

Bugs are fearsome due to the wanton disregard any individual has for its safety in the preservation of the colony. Bugs will gladly (if they feel emotion) throw their lives away on diversions, probes or holding actions for the greater good of the colony.

Bugs are entirely biological; all their weaponry is grown. Some bug species in common lore are able to actively evolve new subspecies which take on board the DNA and traits of species they find. Using intelligence, they grow new weapons to meet the needs of the colony and the opposition they face. Some behave like locusts moving in a swarm of space faring biological ships from planet to planet consuming everything in their path, others infest planets and grow on them before launching asteroids or spores into deep space to seed other planets.

Short breeding cycles and abundant food sources on terrestrial worlds mean outbreaks of such bug invasions can grow rapidly out of control.

Bugs often have some sort of infiltration subspecies which can hide in human colonies and implant hosts with parasites that turn the host into willing slaves of the bug horde. These slaves, which might worship the bugs as gods, will then cause havoc when the time is right and the alien invasion lands on the planet. The hosts might also nurture an immature alien in their guts which will eventually burst out and become another infiltrator.

The core reference material has these bugs included:

Hybrids are humanoids who have been infected by an alien parasite or mind control. They are loyal and fearless completely in awe of their alien masters.

Critters are collections of hundreds of rat to cat sized bugs that will crawl all over their victims. Not really bred for combat, but their numbers make them dangerous and hard to get rid of.

The workers are non-combatants, but numerous in the centre of a hive and they will die by the thousands to protect their queen.

Drones and soldiers are the main fighters in the group, listed here with a selection of possible weapons. The parasite blaster is shorter range, but fires thousands of small bugs that bore through armour and poison the target. The acid launcher fires an organism that spreads corrosive acid on the target. Soldiers are more dangerous, but both are about the size of a humanoid.

Warriors are bigger than the soldiers, perhaps the size of a horse. They have the ability to extend control over the lesser swarm using their psionic links.

Hoppers and gliders are versions of the soldiers and drones. They can move much faster and jump or fly respectively. The gliders are armed with a spray weapon that melts armour.

Infiltrators can hide in population centres and infect humanoids to make hybrids. Deadly in close combat and small spaces or tunnels. Infiltrators might move ahead of the colony trying to lay the ground work for expansion.

Hunters are larger than the infiltrators and have better camouflage (their stealth value). They also spray acid on their victims. They operate independently disrupting the enemy supply lines.

Tankers are huge lumbering bugs which wield the larger parasite cannon and can also spray acid at short range. They have very strong armour but are slow.

Bombardiers can launch deadly plasma mines onto enemy positions, even if they miss the mines will roll around or float about until they find a target and explode.

Guards protect the Queens; they will never move far from them. The bodyguard trait means they will often die before the queen does.

The queens are the hive generals and leaders. They are the most important bugs and other bugs will throw their lives away to protect them. Guards are specially designed to do so. Queens are deadly and have both weapons listed. Their shield could be considered a psionic shield or a swarm of lesser bugs, either way it is immune to ion weapons.

The Alpha is the most dangerous of the battlefield bugs. Deadly in every way it also has both weapons listed. Alphas, unlike the queens, do not produce more bugs.

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